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Xylitol \n Origin, Benefits and Side Effects

Xylitol - Origin, Benefits and Side Effects

Whether it is in your new favorite toothpaste or in a new xylitol gum, this remarkable ingredient is one of the best alternatives to sugar currentl...
Baking Soda, Toothbrush und empty bottle on white towel on black background

Brushing Teeth with Baking Soda - Is it safe or not?

Baking soda to brush your teeth? Find in this article the pro and cons of the "do-all" powder. Read more about using baking soda as a dentifrice, how to whiten your teeth and what side effects can appear.
Nylon Bristles of a soft bristle Toothbrush

Soft bristle toothbrush - Why you should use it from now on

Using a soft bristle toothbrush is often recommended by dentists and dental hygienists as it is incredibly gentle on the sensitive surface of the teeth while still being effective enough to remove plaque, dirt and other debris that can become lodged between the teeth. Find useful information about soft bristle toothbrushes!

amabrush washing

How to Clean Your Toothbrush - 5 Simple Ways

Keeping your toothbrush nice and clean guarantees that you're always using a fresh brush and getting the best clean possible. Find out how to clean your toothbrush correctly with 5 simple ways! 
graphic white teeth

Teeth Whitening - 10 Facts Everyone Should Consider

Whitening your teeth is a great way to give your confidence a boost and feel good about the way that you look. Find out in this article about teeth whitening methods for your need and figure out 10 facts you should know about teeth whitening.
Women with yellow mirror at dentist looking at teeth

Dental Bridge - Types, Costs, Problems - & Difference to implants

Having a bridge is a good way to replace teeth that are missing. Find out about the types, the difference between implants, costs, and what else you need to know about dental bridges.
Wisom Teeth Eruption

Wisdom teeth pain - Symptoms, Causes & - 5 home remedies for relief

Wisdom teeth also called the third molars, often begin to develop when a person is between the ages of 17 and 25. There have been instances where t...
Cracked tooth - 4 simple ways to prevent it

Cracked tooth - 4 simple ways to prevent it

It can be disheartening and downright painful when one of your teeth cracks or breaks. Having a cracked tooth can lead to needing emergency dental procedures done in order to prevent the tooth from fracturing completely, breaking and cutting your mouth. Read how to practice a good oral hygiene to prevent the tooth from cracking or breaking and find out more about cracked tooth pain relief and repair.
Woman shows healthy tongue

Tongue Scraper - Why cleaning your tongue is important

If you have bad breath and don't understand why because your teeth are clean and free of decay, it could be that your tongue needs to be scraped. Find out about the benefits and how to use tongue scraper, for your daily oral care routine.
Woman at Dentist touching cheek gingivitis

Gingivitis - Causes, Symptoms and Effective Treatment

Poor oral hygiene and avoiding the dentist can result in a condition known as gingivitis, which is an early sign of perio disease. What are the signs and symptoms of gingivitis, what does it cause, and how can you easily make use of gingivitis treatment at home?
questionmark written with toothpaste

Fluoride Toothpaste - Benefits & 7 Facts About It

Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen your tooth enamel. Many myths have brought the use of fluoridated products to the spotlight. Find out the myths and facts as well as the Benefits of using it.

Sensitive Teeth, sour, hot, cold

Sensitive Teeth - Top 5 Home Remedies to try

If you've ever eaten or had something to drink that was either too cold or too hot, you know the frustration and utter pain associated with having sensitive teeth. Despite having a sensitive smile, having an effective sensitive teeth home remedy will ensure that you're able to live pain-free and enjoy the foods and drinks that you like.